About Top Rated Realtor Abel C. Henriquez 
How American Realty Experts Real Estate Broker Abel C. Henriquez built one of the best marketing programs to assist Homeowners in Florida 

Founded in 2006, American Realty Experts has become one of the leading names in home selling and foreclosure assistance. Providing excellent customer service, was Abel Henriquez's vision for the real estate firm from the start, and one that he achieved through tireless labor, countless sacrifices, and unfaltering dedication. This is his story.

Getting an Early Start in Business

Growing up in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, Abel Henriquez understood the importance of hard work from an early age. His family put in long hours in the real estate industry to provide for the family, making many sacrifices along the way. The family’s financial hardships became a huge motivator for Abel to find success for himself and his loved ones, and then to share that success with his community and anyone else struggling with money management.

With that goal in mind, Abel strived to test and develop the best system to get the results to meet his clients needs. His determination proved effective and, in 2006 Abel became the CEO and General Manager of American Realty Experts.


Starting Over After the Housing Market Crash

In 2007, the housing market collapsed. Suddenly, Abel had to adjust his real estate system to fit the new current market.

Rather than let circumstances keep him down, Abel embraced the change, viewing it as an opportunity. It was then, during one of the worst times for the real estate industry, that Abel developed a system, not only to help homeowners sell their home for the best possible price, but also help homeowners who needed to obtain a mortgage loan modification or complete a short sale, since so many homeowners owed more than the property was worth. 

Standing Up for the Consumer

Not only did Abel start a real estate company in the ashes of the industry, he also decided to go against every norm with his business philosophy. Abel’s vision for his company was to be more than just a realtor — he wanted to be a consumer advocate.

Abel took on the challenging tasks of working with banks to come to a resolution between the homeowner and lender. In those days, one transaction could consist of hundreds of documents. Abel had to use his system to delegate and effectively resolve each transaction. Since 2006, Abel works together with several assistants, attorney's and marketing companies in order to be able to provide the excellent service his clients require.


Giving Back To The Community

In 2010, Abel developed a program to give back to the community by offering to give up to $5,000 per home sale to the homeowners favorite charity. Abel has always been motivated to help others and helping those in need is always something Abel finds extremely important.

To contact Abel, please call 1-888-835-0881 24/7. You may also email him at sales@amrealtyinc.com or you can Fill Out the Contact Form by clicking here